splash pad
splash pad
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sprinkler-splash pad-sprinkler play mat-water mat

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 Over View of Sprinkler splash pad

The fun splash play mat with bright colour and the fountain effect will bring kids happy summer water activities.
 oUr splash pad is Made of eco-friendly PVC material, which is soft, non-toxic, durable, wear-resistant and high toughness, safe for your little guys to play.
The centre of the splash pad will fill up with water quickly creating a shallow pool which makes kids to enjoy and have fun in summer. Innovative pool quality of splash mat is that it has a learning mat for a base, so your little squirt soaks up some knowledge during play!

How To Use Splash Mat

All you need to do is connect that water intake valve of splash pad  to your garden hose and simply adjust water pressure to lower or higher the spray height.
Portable and easy to move splash pad can also be easily deflated and packed to carry along, perfect for lawn, garden, swimming pool or beach.

Children pets and dogs will be excited to play in the sprinkle and spray mode of that splash pad.Perfect for relaxation, party or celebration at lawn, garden, swimming pool or beach.
-Just plug it to any garden hose or PVC tubing and then simply adjust water pressure to lower or higher the spray height. Suggest to unplug and drain the water for next time using conveniently.

Specifications of Splash mat

Parent-approved outdoor water toys Splash mat has been specially made for toddlers. Fun in the sun… and shade, this shallow splash pad, water sprinkler promises high quality and is BPA and phthalates free.

Product name: sprinkler /splash pad
Material: Environmental protection PVC
Reference size: 150 * 150cm
Colour: 150cm blue letters
Accessories: water spray pad + gift pack (no water pipe)
Weight (before inflation): about 0.8KG

Packing size: 21 * 16 * 5cm