Bike Tire Pump
Bike Tire Pump
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Electric Air Pump 260PSI DC 12V Portable Wireless Auto Tyre Inflator with gauge For Automotive Motorcycle

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Overview of Bike Tyre Pump

Tyre inflator with Gauge

This is our best Bike Tyre Pump that has a built in gauge is helpful to know when to stop filling the tire. It also means you do not need to buy both a pressure gauge and a tire inflator, as you have both features in one product. It is important for this to be accurate so that you can reach the desired PSI for your tyres.

Specifications of Bike Tyre Pump

1.Fully automatic digital display, precise test, easy operation, two digital display operation functions, upgraded intelligent numerical control screen, accurate filling to the preset tire pressure, automatic stop.
2.Low noise: Advanced wheel design and high-quality materials of this Bike Tire Pump greatly reduce noise during operation. Powered by 12V DC/cigarette lighter. After pressing the switch, it will automatically work with low noise.
3.High efficiency: The working pressure of the car air pump is 260PSI, which can inflate ordinary car tires in about 5 minutes (>30PSI).
4.Powerful and versatile:  This Bike Tire Pump is suitable for various inflatable items, such as bicycle tires, household car tires, motorcycle tires, electric bicycle tires, etc. Balls, swimming rings, inflatable toys and other inflatable products.
5.High-quality performance: The fast filling and high-pressure design of this portable electric air pump/Bike Tire Pump can provide a faster and more effective inflation experience. Compact, portable and durable. The car air pump is made of high-quality ABS and PP, which is sturdy and durable. The pump is compact in size, easy to carry and save space.


material: plastic
Scope of application: car
Dimensions: round
Air pressure flow: 50L/min
Color classification: mechanical models, digital display models

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Bike Tire Pump