Baby Bath Shower Head - Elephant Water Pump and Trunk Spout Rinser
baby bath shower head- elephant bath toy
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Baby Shower Head - Elephant baby shower Water Pump

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Product information

  • A compact battery operated portable baby bath shower with a gentle flow.
  • Designed for safe, gentle and easy handing .This baby shower Enables parent to secure a newborn with one hand while the other hand is free to complete a full shower for baby.
  •  elephant baby shower is Portable, so perfect for families on the go: on holiday, camping out, or in the garden- baby's bathing schedule need not be interrupted.
  • Easy activation baby shower head with on/off nobs allowing to easily pause or continue water flow.
  • Gentle stream enabling easy reach & wash of hair neck and baby folds with this best baby bath shower headBaby Bath Shower Head - Elephant Water Pump and Trunk Spout Rinser

How to use baby shower head elephant baby shower water pump

  • 1:360° angle adjustment, two water outlet methods, large water output. electric circulation, circular water output, all-round waterproof. The battery compartment is sealed and waterproof. The back suction cup can be adsorbed on flat and curved surfaces.
     This cute elephant design would surely attract your kid's attention and make the bath time more fun and interesting. It is also perfect as swimming pool toys or paddling pool toys. Great gift for little kids to add more fun to bathing time.
  • 2: 4X1.5 V AAA Required (not included). VERY IMPORTANT! Take out the battery insert from battery case and put 4X1.5V AAA to make it work. Made of durable plastic materials and cute bath toys. Best water spray bath toy ever! Excellent for baby shower and party favours, great gift for Birthday.
    3:  It is strongly recommended to pull out the drain plug on the shower head to drain the remaining water in the electric shower head in time after taking a shower! In order to prolong the service life of the motor, please place in a ventilated and dry place after use. Do not place in a humid place for a long time.

Functions of baby shower head 

automatic water outlet, electric shower
Specification: 21.5*10*24cm
Packing method: color box

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